FBI Virus locked computer and demands Ransom?


More Information on this Virus!


Scores viruses and suspicious code applications get inside the computer that generally goes undetected.  FBI Virus is a kind of ransomware that displays a fake warning that FBI has locked the computer and demands the user to pay a fine to unlock the computer.

The warnings contain messages like FBI has locked the computer because the user has been found involved in contravening the cyber laws like visiting websites prohibited by law and propagating copyrighted material and encouraging acts of piracy.

The user cannot open any application in the computer since the virus program restricts user from accessing applications including antivirus and antispyware. And then it demands the user to pay a fine to unlock the computer or face legal charges. With nothing much to do, unwary computer users might be convinced into believing that paying the fine as the only alternative and it doesn’t remove FBI Virus.

People who come across such ransom demands are urged not to pay any money or provide any personal information to avoid further problems. Even though paying the fine during that time seems the most reasonable choice but that never removes the virus infection.

Removal of FBI virus is the best solution and we recommend you to remove it from the system as early as possible. Any delay in removing it might virus open back door that can open your computer to other malware that might put data at risk as there is likelihood of data falling into hands of online hackers.

So if your computer has contracted virus infection and you are looking for FBI Virus removal, we strongly recommend you to contact certified security professionals.

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